My name is Rudolf Richner and I’m practicising family doctor in  canton de Genève , Switzerland.  I have many patients of mature age and I came across to a problem that many of them are suffering aging prcesses very hard and many of them were asking me about HGH (Human Growth Hormone) injections to return their youthfullness… It’s proven scientific fact that HGH works, but even here in Switzerland, where there many wealthy families live, not so many old people have $15.000 to $50.000 for HGH injection course.  So many people were asking me about inexpensive alternative to HGH injections, and many of them were asking me about GenFX – which seems to be a very popular anti-aging HGH product nowadays.

GenFX is not only very popular in USA, where it is made, but also is very popular in Switzerland, UK , Germany and Austria and all over Europe… Thanks to my education, I know many facts about HGH, so I decided to study ingredients and effects of GenFX to advice my patients properly.

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